Retail Sound: my dialogue with Marica Gigante and her VM Club.

Last Friday I participated as a guest in the weekly live that Marica Arianna Gigante organizes for VM Club members

In 60 minutes we tackled different issues related to retail sound, sharing my experience in the sound for retail environments with pleasure, presenting the different creative approaches (e.g. music playlists vs soundscapes) but also deepening technical and legal issues.

I have summarized below the 3 key points of our chat:

  • the strategic use of music in the store – playlists and volume – creates a complete shopping experience and improves the attitude of those who work in the store
  • even small retailers can build their own sound branding at the point of sale, going beyond listening to commercial radio
  • sound and music create a continuum between physical retail and the digital world, especially for those who have their own e-commerce

Here is the link to the complete article on Linkedin.

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