A brand new Sound Identity for Banca Ifis

In collaboration with Fluendo, Concerto Music and BrainSigns, I took care of the realization and implementation of the new Sound Identity of Banca Ifis.

VP Ernesto Fürstenberg Fassio said “Rebranding is a major project we have been working on for some months and represents another stage in our long journey and an occasion to show the world what we are. We want to strengthen the positioning of the Bank, keep up with the times and express the contemporary nature of the institution, also through the brand. The new image of Banca Ifis has evolved from a long family history, but also from a propensity for innovation.”

“For the first time in its history, Banca Ifis has chosen to combine its own brand with a distinctive “sonic brand identity”, a real harmonic composition capable of creating lasting and emotionally profound mnemonic associations. The symbolic themes are transformation and innovation, represented by an ascending glissando on the C major scale.” – Official Press Release of the 29.06.2020

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