The innovative concept of the e-branch has been underlined through the installation of a modern smart controlled sound system and the compilation of the Piraeus Bank music library.

We implemented the "Dedar Music Library", a music library used both in corporate events and as background music in the brand's stores.

We took care of the field recording at Geberit factory: this audio material has been used to create a unique composition, shared with all the brand stores worldwide.

We composed and mixed the soundscape played in the SoundLab of the "Sound of Porsche: Stories of a band" pop-up store.


Sound Spaces and Installations

During the Milan Fashion Week of September 2017 we designed a Sound Lab where tailored soundscapes accompany Aldo Salucci's exhibition to provide an immersive experience and organization of the daily performances by young and talented artists in the lobby of the Room Mate Giulia hotel.

Haigō curated the Deep Down Low installation during the Milan Design Week 2018, creating an immersive atmosphere with a few simple elements. Completing the experience, we produced a musical track for the occasion: a 15 minutes downbeat techno composition.

On the occasion of the series of talks MINDS organized by the magazine Frame, we composed an original soundscape titled "Three Skins" where each of the scenes is inspired by the artworks of Sabine Marcelis installed in the lobby of the hotel hosting the event.

Retail Sound

IRO Medical Center

A crafted music selection for physical treatment.

We compiled a tailored music library played in the studios and the public areas (lobby, gym, ...). We also took care of the installation of the music streaming system.

Italian Neuromarketing Days 2017

Sound Logo and Music library for Certamente.

We designed and produced the official sound logo for Certamente. Furthermore, we curated the compilation of the music library played during the 2017 edition.